PMUC showcased research results at Thailand Research Expo 2022

Program Management Unit for Competitiveness (PMUC) presented research outputs, under development programs for the Circular Economy, Digital Platform, High-value foods, and Tourism and Creative Economy, at the “Thailand Research Expo 2022” between 1-5 August 2565 at Centara Grand Hotel and Bangkok Convention Center, Central World Bangkok.

“Thailand Research Expo 2022” was a national event showcasing high quality research outputs, technologies, and innovations to promote transfer of knowledge towards real-world application, contributing to national development in various areas including academic, social/community policy, and commerce/industry. The event has been organized periodically since 2006 garnering enthusiastic participation among various organizations within the research community all over the country, including the National Research Council of Thailand, Ministry of Higher Education, Sciences, Research and Innovation. This year marked the 17th anniversary of the annual event. 

Assoc. Prof. Siree Chaiseri, Ph.D., director of PMUC revealed that “PMUC, as a capital allocation and management unit under the Ministry of Higher Education, Sciences, Research and Innovation, was established to allocate funding to support research and innovation to enhance the nation’s potential and competitiveness. In the past year, we have showcased the outputs from our funded research, which  has been well received by the research community and event participants. This year, we have selected four research projects that PMUC has supported to be exhibited at the event, including Green2Get: a circular economy platform, which is part of  the circular economy development plan; an algorithm development project for optimization of dairy farm management, part of the Digital Platform development plan; a project to develop flavoring agents for agricultural raw materials such as cannabis and kaffir lime leaves, part of the High-value Food development plan; and the food and tourism project in the Rattanakosin Identity project, which is part of the Tourism and Creative Economy development plan. Interested parties are welcome, or anyone interested in applying for funding allocation by PMUC may submit inquiry at our booth.”

Projects selected by PMUC to be displayed at this year’s event.

  1. Green2Get project: A circular economy platform that promotes a circular economy where producers, consumers and recyclers coexist in one space. For comparison, it is like an online trading platform for waste management. PMUC has funded research and development for Green2Get Co., Ltd. under the Circular Economy Subcommittee, with Mr. Prem Prukthayanon as the project leader.

  2. Algorithm development project to increase efficiency in dairy cattle management, a project for which PMUC to the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University under the Digital Platform Subcommittee, with Assoc. Prof. Chaidet Inchaisri, Ph.D., as the project leader in developing innovations for dairy farmers by applying technology to track cattle behavior utilizing an AI system consisting of sensors attached to the cattle including software and applications. This makes it possible to predict the behavior of cattle by algorithms, helping farm owners to plan the artificial insemination of the cattle, calving date and give early warning of sick cows. As a result, time can be saved for normal work and more time can be spent marketing the farm’s products, resulting in more future income. Currently, this project has applied for a technology patent, and was proposed to be registered as a digital provider with PMUC.

  3. Product development project for flavor enhancers made from Thai agricultural raw materials such as cannabis and kaffir lime leaves. It is a research project for which PMUC provides research funding to the Department of Product Development, Faculty of Agro-Industry,  Kasetsart University under the High-value Food Subcommittee, in collaboration with Boon Corporation Co., Ltd., who will bring the research results to commercial application. Asst.Prof., Utsama Soontornrangsee, Ph.D. is the project lead in the creative development of flavoring agents from Thai herbs, to be used in the food industry. This will help to reduce the import of flavoring agents for food product development, as well as help to add value to Thai herbs, while also preserving the unique flavors of Thai food. Overall, it provides support for enhancement of competitiveness in Thailand’s food flavoring industry.
  4. Food tourism in the context of Rattanakosin identity is one of the projects that promote the country’s tourism industry by creating a cultural tourism model that connects tourism with the distinctive identity of Rattanakosin cuisine, with diverse cultural descriptions along with ways of life, customs and beliefs, which are all part of creating unique charm of each locality. These elements are brought together to create pleasure and emotions, helping to add value to tourism products and services, and stimulating the country’s tourism economy in the post-Covid-19 era. This project has been researched by Dr. Chanokphon Pataisitkul, College of Architecture, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University (Project leader)  under the research funding from the Tourism and Creative Economy Subcommittee, PMUC.

In addition, there have also been research results of other programs that PMUC has supported over the past 3 years, as well as other knowledge base that was presented at the event. Those who are interested in the latest news of Thai research community, or would like additional information about research grants from PMUC, can meet us at the PMUC booth at the “Thailand Research Expo 2022” event during 1st – 5th August 2022 at Centara Grand Hotel and Bangkok Convention Center, Central World, Bangkok.

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