PMUC promotes the creation of the Thai economy, connecting it to the world through research and innovation.


“Program Management Unit for Competitiveness, promoting the Thai economy, connecting the world through research and innovation. “

Between April 26-27, 2023, at the Sirikit International Convention Center.

Flashback! Showcasing research and innovation projects that have progressed beyond the prototype stage (TRL4) in the laboratory, ready to advance commercially, from eight working groups: High-value food, Health and Medicine, Bio-energy, Bio-chemistry, and Bio-materials group, Tourism and Creative Economy group, Digital Platforms group, Circular Economy group, Future Mobility group, and Logistic System Planning. All of this was presented to the public in a grand exhibition between April 26-27, 2023, at the Sirikit International Convention Center.

Read the special article on the website to delve into the reasons behind the event’s organization, along with activities inside the #PMUCevent right here!

Read the details of the PMUC’s role in driving research towards commercialization by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Siri Chaiseri, Director of the PMUC.

Read the article: ” PMUC showcasing research from laboratories to malls, PMUC RESEARCH for Thailand’s Competitiveness 2023, transforming Thailand into a developed nation.

“We come together to bring research that can be realistically produced, utilized, and commercially viable, making a difference in the competitive landscape. We link research to the economic development of the country, and the opportunity is here. The PMUC is ready to push for research to be practically utilized for commercial benefits, enhancing Thailand’s competitiveness,” said the Director of the PMUC”.

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