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Reimagination of Kang Kradang recipe with molecular gastronomy to improve its nutritional value for the elderly

Principal Investigator: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Niramon Utama-ang, Chiang Mai University

Kang Kradang is a traditional northern-Lanna dish prepared with pig’s trotters. However, as pig’s trotter is high in fat, traditional Kang Kradang is considered unhealthy, especially for seniors. This project aims to create a more nutritious version of this traditional dish for the elderly. The new recipe replaces pig’s trotter with fish – a healthier protein source – and adds vegetables to increase fiber intake. The removal of trotter, however, results in the absence of gelatin which is essential to the texture of this dish. Molecular gastronomy technique is therefore employed by adding natural hydrocolloid gelling agents such as agar or starch. The new recipe maintains the integrity of taste and texture of Kang Kradang, while having more nutritional benefits. Study on the retort processing as a preservation technique for this recipe will be performed to support the industrial-scale manufacturing of Kang Kradang. This project is sponsored by a joint program between PMU-C and CPF Food Research and Development Center Company Limited aiming to apply technologies and creativity to add value and efficiency to the Thai food industry.

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