CMU launched “ERAWAN”, a high performance computer for research work.

The Program Management Unit for Competitiveness (PMUC) has supported research grants to Office of Information Technology Services Chiang Mai University for the development of high-performance computer system to provide services for research projects (HPC: HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING), in order to provide IT system services to students, personnel and various departments within the university.

The research project supported by the PMUC is for the “Development of a high-performance computer system to support the analysis of climate change data and disease data of the general population”. The objective of the project is develop a high-performance computing platform to manage climate change data, occurrence of natural disasters, and the resulting impact on the people’s heath. The aim is to support and promote research using advanced data analytical techniques to address the impacts of climate change, as well as to develop skilled personnel in the area of high-performance computer systems.

HPC ERAWAN provides information technology services to students and personnel, and various departments within the university. High Performance Computing (HPC) is a combination of many computers to process data simultaneously, including the introduction of a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) to help calculate complex mathematical equations. This will help enhance processing capability and provide faster and more accurate output. There are many areas of research that have applied HPC such as Simulation, Physical Computing Model, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Analytics.

In December 2022, HPC ERAWAN has launched a service for researchers and students, as well as for relevant agencies. More details available at:

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