CMU aims to elevate food products of the Northern region, bringing dreams of local businesses to reality.

CMU prepares to expand production capacity for the prototype factory pushing the use of modern technology to upgrade the northern food industry with a project funded by PMUC, with hopes to create dreams for northern entrepreneurs, ultimately expanding to commercial production. 

Modern technology prototype plant to elevate food industry of the northern region.

Asst. Prof. Suchinda Sriwattana, Ph.D., Faculty of Agro-Industry, Chiang Mai University, head of the research project supported by PMUC titled “Project to increase the potential of a prototype factory at the capacity expansion stage for promoting the use of modern technology to elevate the food industry”. The primary goal of the project is to enhance the production potential of the Agro-industry by leveraging equipment and machinery for scaling up the entire process, with the aim to stimulate product research and development, and ultimately to bring products to commercialization stage. Furthermore the project aims to serve as a center for demonstrating industrial scale-up process in the food industry as well as other related industries such as the “Project to Add quality and value to essential extracts from agricultural raw materials in the northern region.”

Assoc. Prof. Siree Chaiseri, Ph.D., Director of PMUC, and members of the High Value Food Program Subcommittee, paid a visit and witnessed progress of the project with Assoc. Prof. Samphan Singharachawaraphan, Ph.D., Vice President, and Asst. Prof.  Suchinda Sriwattana, Ph.D., Faculty of Agro-Industry, Chiang Mai University welcoming them on May 26, 2022

PMUC has provided the equipment to be installed in the prototype factory of the Faculty of Agro-Industry. (an extension), along with a set of machines to service the project under the Agro-Biz Business Center, including capsule and tablet production sets, reduced-size production kits, viscous food production sets, and product quality enhancement kits, under the project to increase the performance of the prototype factory

PMUC supports infrastructure funding for agro-industry, aiming to promote food product innovation in the northern region.

Capsule Making and Tabletting Machine

Hammer Mill Machine

Rotary Evaporator , Falling Film Evaporator and Ultra Sonic Processor

Head Space Analizer

and Molecular Distillation Equipment (Feed Rate 0.1 – 4 L./HR) Rotary Vacuum Evaporator ; Evaporating Flask not less than 10 L; Solid – Liquid Extractor; Solid Matter : 1-5 KG. Liquid Charge; 5 – 15 L.; and Preparative High Performance Liquid Chromatography using packed column technology with an aspirator, under the project to add quality and value to essential extracts.

To effectively provide services including use of equipment and machinery, academic consulting, product prototype development, in order to yield the greatest benefit to Thai entrepreneurs especially in the northern region, to enable them to produce quality marketable products, the Agro-Industry Business Service Center has formed cooperative partnerships through the network under the Faculty of Agro-Industry, Northern Region Science Park, as well as universities in the Food Innopolis network across the country to drive the economy in this region in a tangible way. 

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