PMUC and South Korean Government jointly hosted DHTC Bangkok 2022, debuted cutting edge medical technologies.

7 December 2022, Carlton Hotel, Sukhumvit: Assoc. Prof. Siree Chaiseri, Ph.D., director of PMUC, received the honor to co-chair the opening of the DHTC Bangkok 2022: Digital Healthcare Transformation Conference & Future Technology and the Medical AI Experts, Robot Surgery, Remote Care and more Future Technology, an exhibition of artificial intelligence innovations or AI used in medicine and the health care industry. PMUC has jointly promoted the development of the medical industry in Thailand, which is considered one of the medical centers in the Asia-Pacific region, and in which many countries around the world are interested in investing. Cooperation with South Korean companies with expertise in intelligent medical solutions is considered as a unique opportunity for technology transfer and experience exchange in the area of technological innovation to enhance the potential of medicine and health services in Thailand.

DHTC Bangkok 2022 is a technology showcasing event with some of the most advanced medical artificial intelligence (AI) technology used in the global healthcare industry, such as robotic surgery, cell and gene genetic data, advanced therapy leveraging big data, remote therapy. There was active participation from 10 advanced medical technology companies that want to expand business relationships in Thailand, as well as exchange cooperation and knowledge between government sectors, universities and relevant agencies from both countries, with the main participants being Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), a South Korean governmental organization, Naver Cloud, a cloud service provider, which is the parent company of LINE, etc.

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In the past, PMUC has provided funding under the research project “Cooperation Development Project for an Innovative Smart City between South Korea and Thailand on Platform Systems for Holistic and Continuous Care for the Elderly”. The goal was to develop innovative services for the well-being and health care, which has been developed under the concept of creating an ecosystem that combines multiple services together to achieve integration between surveillance, nursing and medical care that is accessible to all, as well as to prevent and reduce the risk of potential hazards especially to the elderly who need special care including security in the residence. The eat-well-live-well platform was developed by Assoc. Prof. Wirun Sriborirak, Ph.D., Burapha University, who also displayed many innovations at the event.

The Eat-well-live-well platform:

Cutting-edge medical technology from South Korea

VUNO Inc., a leading medical AI technology company from South Korea, presented VUNO Med®-Chest X-ray™ technology, a chest X-ray that can read lung abnormalities by analyzing data from a large database of abnormalities, which can be used to support medical diagnosis, especially serious diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc. VUNO Med®-Chest X-ray™ software can deliver x-ray results according to the needs of doctors or patients in many ways.

Additionally there is VUNO Med®-BoneAge™, which can estimate the bone age from X-ray images of a patient’s hand, by comparing with the bone age database of the age group closest to the patient in order to more accurately diagnose problems and plan for treatment.

Then there is SurgLive technology, which integrates surgical video database to be used for medical studies of real-time remote surgery via live broadcast by MTEG, South Korea.

Watch the video for SurgLive

Technology to be used in examination of genetic cells and genomics information to find abnormalities, or assessment of disease or health risks, or what is called Ichrogene’s DNA Analysis Report by Ichorgene, Inc., which can provides accurate gene detection reports from large databases.

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