“Mudjai” imitation meats, authentic Thai brand, elevating indigenous Splitgill Mushroom of the southern region, resulting from research work

The successful cooperation between Thai SMEs and researchers in the development of plant-based meat products from cockle mushrooms, leveraging the pilot plant in Prince of Songkla University supported by research funding from PMUC, is an answer to problems commonly faced by SMEs and Thai startups. The cooperative effort has helped to reduce the cost of production, which is one way to lighten the burden for small entrepreneurs. The “Project to expand the scale of extraction research for technology transfer to industry”, is another project under the initiative of the DEDA that aims to develop high-value food infrastructure to encompass all regions of the country by providing machinery equipment and tools that help to drive the development of agricultural raw materials to be used at a large industrial scale. This can help to expand the competitiveness from the local level to the international level. It is an appropriate research tool that meets the needs of southern entrepreneurs. In the past, there have been prototype products from agricultural produce such as high-value extracts using high-performance machines, such as size reduction grinders, high speed grinders, sieve shakers, vertical powder packing machines, vacuum packing machines, drying machines, centrifuge drying machines, horizontal centrifuge liquid extractors, chromatography essential ingredient extractors, microwave extraction machines and pellet presser machines.

Mudjai, a genuine Thai brand producing plant-based products with the intention of delivering vegetarian products to “Madjai” or win the favor of Thai consumers as communicated by its brand name. The story of the brand’s emergence and product development is interesting as a “model” of presenting products in line with the plant-based trend, which is creating opportunities for Thai brands to shine on the global stage along side world-class brands. As well, it is another example of leveraging research and the potential of Thai researchers in jointly developing and creating new products with maximum efficacy

‘Mudjai’ แพลนต์เบสแบรนด์ไทยแท้ กับบทพิสูจน์การยกระดับ ‘เห็ดแครง’ พืชท้องถิ่นปักษ์ใต้ ให้เป็นดาวเด่นในเทรนด์ Plant-Based ได้จริง ด้วยงานวิจัย

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