ISC Bangkok 2022 launches technology to drive smart city from South Korea.

At the end of December 2022, Assoc. Prof. Siree Chaiseri, Ph.D., director of the Program Management Unit for Competitiveness (PMUC), together with Jeong Hyop Lee, Ph.D, senior advisor at EGCO and Asst. Prof. Wannarat Santiamornthat, Ph.D., chairman of the Digital Platform Subcommittee, attended the seminar “ISC Bangkok 2022” at Carlton Hotel Bangkok, Sukhumvit.

The event was organized by Innodepth Inc., the developer of a system to link big data from video surveillance for the South Korean government. The goal was to present technology that will help promote the innovation of Smart City in Thailand, at the event there are private companies that do business in technology such as Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Dell Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Computer Union Co., Ltd., etc. along with both government agencies and universities, who participated and presented views on smart city and AI-based safety and security platform, as well as various technologies that will help build a digital city platform for Thailand. List of participating organizations includes:

TMS Platform : real-time decision management solution, a platform used to retrieve data from CCTV cameras installed across the city for analysis to help police make decisions about public security, which has been in use in South Korea.

Tiered AI : Real-time sorted monitoring, hierarchical video analytics and situational awareness solution. With this technology, compressed video streams can be analyzed for initial detection and object coordinate integration based on Open API with other solutions, and details of objects and situation recognition information can be obtained through deep learning secondary analysis based on intelligent inspection object data. This includes maximizing the efficiency of surveillance and on-site response through Event Integration and Visualization analytics.

Transport drones that will be used to help in the event of an emergency, such as transporting food and medicines, helping firefighters, helping victims in the water and accessing areas with no cameras or where the rescue personnel cannot reach. To this end, Innodepth Inc. has developed a technology called e-DaaS, which links data from multiple drone cameras to be processed and keep past flight data as well as data on upcoming flights.

C-steam technology is equipped with a codec that compresses, stores, transmits and recovers CCTV video as well as propagation error compensation algorithms, which was developed to compress very large data to a smaller size so that it can be displayed on a variety of devices.

The developer company has expressed its intention that it is ready to transfer knowledge and develop these technologies to suit the environment in Thailand together with Thai researchers under the international cooperation project sponsored by the Global Partnership Program of the PMUC. Innodepth Inc. has partnered with a well-known chip developer and computer equipment companies such as Intel Microelectronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Dell Corporation (Thailand) Co., Ltd. And Computer Union Co., Ltd. in jointly developing the processing and display system of these technologies to create the most effective real-world applications.

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