PMU-C aims to develop knowledge and innovation to create value to agricultural and food products.

The Agriculture and Food Program supports the development of novel products and processes for the agriculture and food industry and the advancement of technologies from laboratory to industry with the goal to introduce innovative products to both domestic and international markets. The scope includes the development of functional ingredients, natural extracts, healthy food products, cold chain systems, and machineries for the agriculture and food industry. Capacity building of business operators, researchers and technologists as well as the development of dynamic innovation ecosystem are also emphasized to enable an innovation-driven economy.

Examples of research topics

  • Production of health and functional food products meeting the market demand by employing advanced technologies
  • Development of biological processes for the production of food ingredients and natural products, upcycling of agricultural and agro-industrial wastes, and circular agricultural and food production
  • Development of equipment and machines to support farmers and food processing SMEs


  • Development of high-value products from porcine placenta functional ingredients
  • Evaluation of consumption safety and effects of functional drink containing tuna oil on working memory, emotional stresses, and aging process in perimenopausal and menopausal women
  • Pilot plant for standardized herbal extract phase 2